Attorney Jay Blindauer meets with a client

Blindauer Law is a Washington, D.C. government contracts practice aspiring for the highest echelon of quality service to its clients.  Government contractors need adept counsel to navigate the numerous legal issues that come with being in a hyper-regulated space.  Blindauer Law provides the experience, foresight, and practical counsel to help keep you in business.    

The Firm ethos is that it is better to be highly responsive to a smaller group of clients, do higher quality work and provide good value, and take satisfaction and pride in providing that service, than it is to diminish any of that for the sake of garnering more clients or increasing the size of the Firm.  The old saying is the best client is the one that you already have.  I hope your business is a fit for that partnership.    

Blindauer Law is situated in Washington, D.C. across the street from a red line Metro Station in order to provide physical proximity to GAO, the U.S. Court of Federal Claims, the Boards of Contract Appeals, the U.S. Small Business Administration, and a multitude of government agencies.

Aerial view of Washington DC cityscape